The Nomad





I cherish the moments where I have the opportunity on location to immerse myself in wildlife portraiture. If photographed correctly you have the ability to convey the individuals story in the most artistic form. No two lions are the same and it is a joy to share those unique characterises with the viewer. Kenya’s Maasai Mara has a very interesting lion dynamic with increasing pressure from communities and a strong number of lions it can become difficult for some males to settle. Throughout October 2019, ‘The Nomad’ (more commonly known as Halftail) was new to the area close to camp having been pushed away from his previous territory by another male. Most mornings we would find him patrolling his new territory which over a period of ten days allowed me to take this portrait. Over the years I have attempted many lion head portraits but this one is my most satisfying and rewarding to date with perfect form and eye contact. 

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